My name is China Morris, I am a second generation dog breeder.
I first got my interest in dog breeding years ago helping my mother, who has now been breeding Italian Greyhounds for 17 years.
When I can, I visit my Aunt Nancy who breeds Jack Russells & my Aunt Risa who is also a designer breeder (so if I don't have what you are looking for, she might. lol). I feel very blessed to have gained several YEARS worth of knowledge from these three wonderful women.
I started with my own breed of Chinese Cresteds back in 2008 and now have several years of experience and 4 generations of healthy lines in that specialty breed. In 2016 I started my designer breeds. I did my research and picked out a select few breeds that I really enjoyed and that held the qualities that I wanted to move forward with. I myself suffer from horrible allergies, so I knew I would do a Poodle cross, and also a Chinese Crested cross. Both of these breeds are highly sought after for their hypoallergenic qualities. (I will be doing the POWDERPUFF cross ONLY, as not everyone enjoys the look or feel of a Hairless. lol) 
Some of these designer breeds you will find here at Designer Puppy Dreams have been around for a few years- such as the Shihpoo, Maltipoo and Cockapoo. Others, like the Puffapoo (better known as a CrestiePoo), are fairly new.   
Here are two pictures of me, so that you can put a face with a name when we talk.
The bottom picture of me, was taken at an educational dog seminar class in Louisiana. 
Picture of Kahlua and Carmella here on the farm. 
​This is all made possible with my hard work, time, dedication, and the encouragement of friends and family. And the fact that my mother and I share 25 acres out in the country is a wonderful experience. She and her husband Luis live on one half, and I live on other half of the family farm. With this set up, it makes it so much easier to help one another; if there is ever an emergency and someone needs to leave- no worries; someone is always here with the dogs so they are always cared for and never left alone.
I am currently located in southwest Arkansas in a very small town called Taylor. It is located on the Arkansas/Louisiana line. Being right in the southwest corner of the state, both Shreveport, LA and Texarkana, AR/TX are about 1 and 1/2 hours drive away from us. - Please see the map at the bottom of the page. 
Now, knowledge and experience are great- but you need to be able to pair it with a vet you can trust. And lucky for me, we have four- as well as a friendly and professional staff on hand. I usually see Dr Lucy Anding but I also on occasion see Dr Scott Hoyle, Dr Tony Pearce, and Dr Wayne McMahen. They are located in Springhill, LA (right over the line) at McMahen Veterinary Hospital. These fine vets see my dogs on a regular basis; office visits and house calls too. Each and every pup sees a vet for a Health Certificate before leaving here. I so appreciate the good working relationship that I enjoy with my vets- moving forward with the same values and toward the same goals.